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Wedding signage is the perfect way to bring your wedding day to life, by providing consistency with your colour palette across all of the wedding stationery and styling.

You can wow your wedding guests with lots of creative touches which portray your unique style and personality on the big day.

What Signage Do I Need For My Wedding?

There are so many other opportunities for signage on the big day itself. Your wedding table plan is an essential to show guests where they’ll be sitting. Why not consider wedding welcome signage which can also include an order of service to show guests what is happening and when. There’s lots of opportunities to have customised small signage too for any special touches or details on the day.

Wedding Welcome Signage

A personalised wedding welcome sign is a gorgeous way to welcome guests on arrival. The wedding welcome sign here uses gold calligraphy on a white fabric attached to a wire frame and styled with these gorgeous wedding flowers to create a wow entrance moment.

Wedding welcome sign with gold calligraphy on white fabric

Naomi Kenton Photography

If you’ve chosen stationery with a watercolour background then the signage can be designed with a watercolour background too. This wedding welcome sign has gold calligraphy on a green watercolour background to match the Ella Stationery collection.

Wedding welcome sign with gold calligraphy on a green watercolour background

Anneli Marinovich

Frosted Perspex signage is gaining popularity for couples on their wedding day. It looks striking when paired with gold calligraphy.

Wedding welcome sign with gold modern calligraphy on a frosted Perspex background, styled with flowers and candles

Ollie Baines Photography

Clare and Joe’s welcome display featured Perspex signage with a burgundy watercolor to accompany the burgundy colour theme running throughout the big day. Styled with an abundance of florals and rustic wooden barrels and crates. I have a blog about Clare and Joe’s wedding day here.

Wedding welcome sign with modern calligraphy on a watercolour burgundy background

Jessica Lily Photography

Some couples choose to use the welcome sign as part of a bigger styling opportunity. James and Alex had a statement bicycle with a wicker basket holding the gorgeous flowers. I designed a Perspex welcome sign with gold lettering on a hand painted green background which was placed on a wooden easel.

Wedding welcome sign with gold calligraphy on a green background, styled next to a statement bicycle with a wicker basket holding flowers.

The Wild Bride

Order Of The Day Signage

Your order of the day can be displayed as signage so guests can refer to the timings of what is happening on the wedding day. Clare and Joe had theirs as a stand alone sign in their burgundy and pale pink colour palette with icons to indicate what was happening throughout the day.

Order of the day sign with burgundy text on a pale pink background

Jessica Lily Photography

Couples can also choose to combine a wedding welcome sign with the order of the day timings. As shown here designed with calligraphy on loose, flowy fabric which fitted the boho styling of the wedding.

Wedding welcome sign also containing the order of the day, designed with calligraphy on a loose flowy fabric

Jasmine Andrews

Your signage can reflect your wedding save the date and wedding invitations too. Aimee and Joel loved the angled stationery with tonal colours for a contemporary look. When the signage is placed together it creates a fantastic, styled look and a wonderful photo opportunity!

A wedding welcome sign and table plan, both with contemporary angled edges

Mindy Coe

Some more contemporary angled stationery this time in a bolder coral colour palette which was consistent across the styling and florals.

Bright coral wedding welcome sign with white modern calligraphy and angled edges, next to an order of the day sign also with angled edges.

Jasmine Andrews

I can design signage with a mixture of modern calligraphy and easy to read simple font for the details of your big day. Just get in touch with what you are looking for!

A wedding welcome and order of the day sign on a green background with gold calligraphy and a white font

Kate Gray Photography

Table Plan Signage

Creating table plans is one of my favourite on the day items because I love seeing how creative couples can be! The watercolour backgrounds create a gorgeous look as shown on this example.

A wedding table plan on a watercolour burgundy background with modern calligraphy

Jessica Lily Photography

For this table plan small cards were created and suspended on fabric strips, ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings and something a bit different!

A wedding table plan using cards adhered to strips of fabric for a smaller, intimate wedding

Claire Graham Photography

Even if you have a lot of guests attending there are ways to fit everyone on! A calligraphy headline always looks so elegant too.

Wedding table plan on a bold turquoise background with a modern calligraphy gold headline and simple white font for all the guest names

The Wild Bride

Emily and Alex used the frosted Perspex throughout their wedding signage and it looks so beautiful with the gold calligraphy. You can see more of their wedding day on this blog post.

A wedding table plan on frosted Perspex with gold calligraphy and white text

Ollie Baines

Wedding Quote Signage Ideas

You can be as creative as you like on your big day. I created this rustic sign “All because two people fell in love” with modern calligraphy which was styled with the wedding cake for a photoshoot.

Rustic sign with white calligraphy which says “all because two people fell in love”

VLA Photography

Flowy fabric looks gorgeous and creates some movement too. This is a gorgeous keepsake bespoke sign featuring hand drawn ‘always & forever’ modern calligraphy paired with the couple’s name and date.

Always and forever calligraphy on a white fabric banner

Elana Popa Photography

Small Signage

Consider small signs for anywhere you want to direct guests to take action, for example to place their cards and gifts somewhere. Small signs can co-ordinate with the rest of your stationery colour palette for consistency.

Small sign for cards with white calligraphy on a burgundy background

Jo Greenfield Photography

Small signs are perfect to show the specific drinks that are available. This example looks so pretty on handmade paper with hand torn deckle edges and a touch of calligraphy.

Small sign for drinks with calligraphy on handmade deckle edge paper

Natasha Marshall

Please get in touch with me here to discuss your wedding signage and stationery requirements for your big day.

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