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My small creative studio specialises in designing custom wedding stationery, using modern calligraphy, my favourite way to personalise wedding stationery. Hand lettered especially for you, pen and ink touches bring an air of luxury and personality to your wedding.

I’m often asked which font is it that I use on my designs and the answer is it’s not a font! It’s my hand drawn calligraphy, which usually starts here on my iPad and evolves into a wedding stationery design.

Louise from LouPaper drawing modern calligraphy by hand to be used as part of a wedding stationery design

Jake Burgess

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

There’s a curated collection of wedding stationery designs available on my website which feature calligraphy. From hand-painted watercolour background designs, hand-drawn venue illustrations to floral designs, bespoke monograms and wax seals. All of the stationery collections can be customised to suit your wedding colour palette colours and style, or I can design something completely bespoke to you.

The Deckle Stationery Collection is one of the curated designs which features calligraphy on velum, layered on handmade paper with deckle edges and a floral illustration. Tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Wedding stationery collection using calligraphy on vellum, layered on handmade paper with deckle edges and a foliage illustration for the wedding invitation

Holly Booth Studio

Foil and calligraphy work beautifully together and are a popular choice for wedding stationery and particularly for wedding invitations. The copper gold foil pops on the green watercolour design of The Ella Stationery Collection.

Wedding stationery collection using copper foil calligraphy on a bold green watercolour background

Holly Booth Studio

To read more about all the different foil options there are available, have a read of this blog post.

Calligraphy Wedding Envelopes

Calligraphy can be integrated into the design of a wedding invitation envelope by using a bespoke monogram of your initials. Typically, I create these using hand lettered calligraphy, as shown in The Carmen wedding invitation.

Monochrome wedding invitation with gold modern calligraphy and a bespoke monogram on the wedding invitation envelope

Holly Booth Studio

Wedding calligraphy isn’t just for wedding invitations or save the dates. The stationery suite designed with calligraphy can be used across the wedding day itself. Here’s some examples of how you can incorporate wedding stationery and signage featuring calligraphy into your big day……

Calligraphy Wedding Table Plan

Your table plan can be a key focus piece of signage as each guest will need to know where they will be seated. There are many options from a traditional large board to hanging cards or escort card displays.

The wedding table plan is another opportunity to show your wedding theme and colours as shown here with white calligraphy on a grey background, styled with the beautiful wedding blooms.

Wedding table plan using white modern calligraphy on a pale grey background, styled with seasonal blooms

Meghan Daisy Photography

Calligraphy Wedding Table Names

Table names create additional colour and interest on the wedding tables and calligraphy brings to life your choice of personalised table name or number. Frosted Perspex is a beautiful option, paired with gold calligraphy as shown here for a romantic and stylish look.

Table number using gold calligraphy on a frosted Perspex background

Ollie Baines

This table name uses white calligraphy on a lilac watercolour background, complimented by the pastel flowers and which matches the lilac watercolour wedding stationery suite, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Table name personalised using white calligraphy on a lilac watercolour background

Kate Gray Photography

Calligraphy Wedding Menus

Including calligraphy on a wedding menu always looks stylish for a guest table setting. Shown here with calligraphy on a gorgeous pale blue card, paired with crisp white place names and secured with a golden paperclip.

Pale blue wedding menu with white guest place name secured with a gold clip

Chloe Ely Photography

Additional design touches can be added to a wedding menu, such as the elegant silver leaf shown here, combined with modern calligraphy to complement the earthy tones used across the wedding day.

Wedding menu with silver leaf added to the design. Layered on a plate as a guest table setting.

Calligraphy Wedding Place Names

Wedding place names are available in a range of different options, from traditional folded place cards to contemporary flat Perspex tiles. I love exploring with different materials and textures. This one uses a wedding menu layered with bright hand calligraphed place names.

White wedding menu featuring calligraphy and a foliage design, layered with a bright teal guest place name, personalised with white calligraphy

VLA Photography

Another option is to combine the guest place name with the wedding menu as demonstrated here with the burgundy watercolour, white calligraphy and crisp white cardstock.

A watercolour burgundy guest place name personalised with white calligraphy at the top of a wedding menu

Jessica Lily Photography

Calligraphy Vow Booklets

I adored creating these wedding vow booklets using hand drawn gold modern calligraphy on handmade paper, with deckle torn edges, adorned with gold leaf accents. A stunning keepsake for the couple!

Bespoke vow booklets made from handmade paper with deckle edges, featuring gold calligraphy and gold leaf.

Elena Popa

Calligraphy Wedding Signs

A personalised wedding welcome sign is a gorgeous way to welcome guests on arrival such as this one for Clare and Joe’s wedding which has burgundy as the accent colour used throughout the wedding. In love with this styling? You can get all the inspiration from their rustic wedding day in this blog post.

Wedding welcome sign with white calligraphy on a watercolour burgundy background.

Jessica Lily Photography

Your order of events can also be displayed as signage so guests can refer to the timings of what is happening on the wedding day.

Wedding welcome and order of events signage with angled edges in crisp white and coral.

Jasmine Andrews

You could include wedding signage for anything interesting happening on the day. This signage was created to be placed next to the wedding cake on a styled colourful outdoor wedding shoot. Check out the blog here for colourful wedding inspiration!

White calligraphy saying “all because two people fell in love” on a brown wooden board, styled outside next to the wedding cake.

VLA Photography

Calligraphy Wedding Stationery

Are you looking for wedding stationery for your big day and love how calligraphy looks? Have a peek through my website and get in touch here with what you’re looking for. I’ll then provide a bespoke quote.

Wedding Calligraphy Workshops

Would you love to master the art of modern calligraphy? As well as designing wedding stationery, I also run calligraphy workshops online or in person across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. I show you how to master the basic strokes, practice lettering and craft beautiful words. To learn more or to book visit Calligraphy with Lou.

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