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Are you wedding planning and thinking about ordering your wedding stationery soon? Beautiful stationery creates a gorgeous first impression of your wedding day and an invitation really sets the tone and style of your big day but where do you start?! I try to keep choosing stationery as simple as possible for couples with my curated collection of wedding stationery designs.

While the collections are a great place to start, I recommend considering these 5 top tips for wedding stationery before making any decisions.

Wedding stationery collection with gold and grey calligraphy on pastel card

Anneli Marinovich

1. Order Invitation Samples

Before you choose a stationery design I recommend ordering a sample, or a couple of samples if you’re unsure of your favourite. This way you can get a feel for exactly what the invitation looks like and the quality of the card. I have a selection of wedding invitations available to buy here. From shaped stationery for a cool, contemporary look as shown on the Olivia invitation sample from the Olivia stationery collection.

A wedding invitation with white calligraphy, pink card and a modern angled edge

Holly Booth Studio

Or if you’d like to see how calligraphy works in foil and on a watercolour background then I recommend ordering the Ella invitation from the Ella Stationery collection.

A wedding invitation with gold calligraphy on a watercolour green background

Holly Booth Studio

Each of the collections can be personalised to you by changing the colour and the card to fit the style of your wedding day.

2. Postage Costs

Tip number two is to consider the postage costs when ordering your wedding stationery. The cost of stamps soon adds up if you’re posting a lot of save the dates and invites. Factor in if you’re including ribbon or wax seals and lots of additional inserts. You can check the size of the invitation at the post office and ideally you want to avoid the ‘large letter’ which is a lot more costly.

A wedding invitation with gold calligraphy on a watercolour green background and a grey envelope with a gold wax seal

3. Proof Read!

Once the design is ready I’ll email over a proof for you to check before committing to the print. This is an essential part of the stationery process to get right to avoid any spelling errors and expensive reprints. Another good tip is to have some fresh eyes from a family member or friend to double check all the details. Remember to be extra vigilant on the spelling of guest’s names if you have personalised details.

Wedding stationery collection on earthy neutral card and handmade paper with calligraphy and gold foil touches

Laura Martha

4. Order Some Spares

I advise couples to order some spare save the dates and invitations. Particularly for the invitations, as guests respond you may have a few who aren’t able to make the day and you’d like to invite other people. Once you’ve worked out how many invitations you are sending out in couples and families (as not every single guest needs their own), add on 5-10% as spares. It’s much more expensive to re-print a small quantity of invitations.

A bonus tip is to include a spare for you to keep as a wedding keepsake, which can also be included in the wedding day photos. Wedding photographers love to include stationery in the getting ready part of the day too!

Wedding stationery collection on handmade paper with calligraphy, a dainty ribbon and white wax seal

Safrina Smith

5. Consider On The Day Stationery and Signage

My final tip is to think about the on the day stationery and signage you would like to include for your wedding. All of the designs in my collection include the on the day stationery to pull everything together in a stylish and cohesive way. From the larger items such as welcome signs, order of the day signs to the wedding breakfast stationery which can include the wedding menu, place names and table numbers or names.

A guest name place with gold foil on white card, tied with ribbon to small decorative flowers and a napkin for the place setting

Slow Picture Studio

On the day stationery and signage items are a gorgeous way to add style and colour to your day and provide opportunities for styling, for example your wedding blooms can decorate larger wedding signs.

Large wedding sign personalised with gold calligraphy on Perspex with watercolour paint, accessorised with lots of plants and foliage

Fringe Photography

An order of the day sign with white calligraphy on frosted perspex, placed on a white easily and decorated with foliage and pastel wedding florals

Kirsty Mackenzie

There’s also the smaller signs to consider which really help personalise your wedding. You can choose quotes, the drinks menu, the flavours of the cake and any other details you’d like to draw attention to.

Wedding drinks menu with white calligraphy on a frosted perspex background

Sarah Gawler

While the on the day items don’t need to be ordered at the same time as the save the dates or invitations, it’s a good idea to have in mind what you are looking for in advance. Particularly as all the items on the day help your wedding to run smoothly by giving guests information but also ties all of the styling together.

Personalised Wedding Stationery

I hope these 5 top tips help when you’re considering your wedding stationery as part of your wedding planning. There’s lots of ideas and inspiration on my website and on my Instagram account too.

Please do get in touch here if you have any questions or would like to enquire about personalised wedding stationery. I’d love to hear from you!

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