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Why Work with Independent Makers?

As an indie designer and wedding calligrapher, I strive to create something that’s truly unique to you, reflecting your distinctive personality and interests, and complimenting the theme, styling and colours of your big day. Fundamentally, your wedding is a celebration of who you are as a couple, so it should be filled with everything that makes you… well… you!

You will work with a real human, who personally understands the process of wedding planning (having recently tied the knot myself), and knows about the highs and lows of the journey, working it around day-to-day life, and most of all embracing and enjoying every single moment of it. I’m just a phone call away or available for a cup of tea and a chat, to talk through your ideas, and make sure we’re on the same page.

LouPaper Wedding Stationery Calligraphy Berkshire
LouPaper is an independent wedding supplier of stationery and calligraphy

As independent makers, we are doing what we love, meaning bundles of passion, care and attention to detail goes into every single piece we make. I rejoice when couples get in touch that have truly unique ideas that aren't just copied from Pinterest (although that’s fine too!). We are creators, and creating bespoke wedding stationery makes every day fun, interesting and different, allowing our creativity to evolve, as well as our small businesses.

If you'd like to find out more about my range of work, or talk about your wedding stationery ideas, just get in touch!

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