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Luxury wedding stationery comes in all shapes and sizes! If you’re looking for personalised wedding stationery then you’re in the right place! LouPaper is a small creative studio specialising in designing custom wedding stationery, using modern calligraphy to suit different styles and colour palettes. I’m proud to work with some wonderful printers across the UK who bring my designs to life at the highest quality and who offer multiple different print finishes.

There’s a curated collection of designs on my website which can be fully customised to fit your style including the printing method, the ink colours, the paper type and colours, envelope colours and the wording. All of the designs are available in hot foil, digital foil and digital printing too! So that’s a great place to start to seek inspiration for your own wedding stationery. Time to explain a bit more around the different wedding stationery print options and paper options…

Print Options

Digital printing is perfect for designs with full colours because it ensures sharp, crisp and vibrant colour. There’s also a range of different card stocks available to suit the look you are going for. Here’s The Jenni wedding invitation which also includes a watercolour foliage design as an example.

White wedding invitation with personalised grey modern calligraphy and a watercolour foliage design

Holly Booth Studio

If you prefer the look of providing a contrast against a coloured background then white ink looks wonderful paired with premium card stock. I love the grey and white paring in The Emilie Stationery Collection.

Wedding stationery in shades of grey with white ink modern calligraphy

Claire Graham Photography

Paper Types

All printing is on 350gsm uncoated card as standard. As more and more couples require a sustainable approach to their big day, I’m proud to work with print suppliers who offer responsibly sourced and 100% recycled paper. One supplier has paper made out of by- products from citrus fruits and other raw materials saved from landfill.

I also offer handmade paper as an option. Handmade paper wedding invitations are crafted from recycled or reused raw materials such as plant fibres, corn, flax and coffee. This paper is more environmentally friendly as no trees are cut, energy wasted or toxic chemicals used in its manufacture. It also gives a wonderful rustic, tactile finish to each invitation as every sheet of paper is truly unique.

The Deckle Stationery Collection is all about natural materials, printed on handmade paper with hand torn deckled edges for a natural, honest aesthetic. This design also includes a hand drawn floral illustration.

Wedding invitation printed on handmade paper with hand torn deckle edges

Holly Booth Studio

Foil Wedding Invitations

Digital foil provides a gorgeous mirror finish, perfect for adding metallic elements to your stationery. A popular choice for designs using my hand lettered modern calligraphy, foil is available in a range of colours including gold, silver, rose gold and copper. A laminate can also be added on top for a super soft finish.

Foiling doesn’t just have to be for your wedding invitations. It can be incorporated across your full wedding stationery such as Save The Date cards, wedding menus, table signs and place names.

The copper foil in The Ella Stationery Collection looks so gorgeous paired with the dark green hand painted watercolour background.

Wedding stationery designed with copper foil modern calligraphy on a hand painted watercolour background

Holly Booth Studio

Silver foil is a fab option because it so versatile and therefore can be combined with so many other colours. The Rachael wedding invitation uses silver foil for a sophisticated and chic look paired with grey and crisp white.

Grey and white wedding invitation with silver foil modern calligraphy

Holly Booth Studio

Hot Foil Wedding Invitations

Hot foil adds a level of luxury and shine to your stationery, by leaving an embossed impression on the card. So not only do you get the gorgeous metallic finish but a dreamy embossed effect.

As shown here on The Eloise Stationery Collection which uses rose gold foil. The hot foil technique also allows for thicker card to be used, so think duplexed boards for an additional luxe finish.

White wedding invitation with rose gold foil modern calligraphy

Holly Booth Studio

Gold Leaf Wedding Invitations

Gold Leaf is a stunning addition to wedding stationery. This design was created for a styled shoot where the stationery worked seamlessly with muted autumnal florals. More on that shoot here! Gold leaf accents were added to the hand made paper alongside hand drawn modern calligraphy in gold.

Wedding stationery using a gold leaf accent, printed on handmade paper and with gold modern calligraphy

Elena Popa Photography

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

A technique that involves literally pressing your design into a thick card stock, letterpress gives a luxurious, pillowy, embossed effect. As shown on The Olive Stationery Collection, I love the effect it has combined with handmade paper and hand torn deckle edges too!

Wedding stationery in neutral tones, using letterpress on handmade paper with hand torn deckle edges

Holly Booth Studio

Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum is another option to consider for your wedding stationery. The beautiful translucent stock gives a delicate, soft feel to your wedding invitations. Foil can be printed on vellum instead of card or laid over coloured, painted or textured card backgrounds for an elegant, layered finish. As seen here on The Ali Stationery Collection, layered over a pale green watercolour background and with gold foil modern calligraphy.

Wedding invitation printed on vellum with a pale green watercolour background and gold foil

Holly Booth Studio

Once you’ve decided on your wedding stationery you can then start considering some finishing touches which I’ve written a separate blog post on!

I have many different options of wedding stationery and cater to all kinds of budgets. Have a look through my website for an idea of the style you are looking for and the items you are interested in, then contact me and I’ll provide a bespoke quote.

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