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Understated Luxe Wedding Stationery

Understated is often underrated

Minimal wedding stationery creates a memorable focal point for a truly unique wedding. A streamlined approach allows you to focus on class and consistency. A quality design doesn’t have to be filled with colour, text and pattern. Understated is underrated. The quality of the card can be as seductive as an extravagant design. The shine of a silver foil finish can lift text from a white page.

If you’re looking to strip back your tables, think about items of wedding breakfast stationery you can combine together, without losing those personal touches. For instance, why not have each of your menus personalised with guests’ names to avoid the need for place names. Alternatively, favours can be personalised with labels or tags.

Vellum wedding stationery name cards
Understated wedding stationery can give a luxe feel to the breakfast

Your guests will notice the finer details when there isn't a plethora of paper at their breakfast place setting, or an excess of signage throughout the day. A singular piece of card can ooze contemporary cool and quality. A shrewdly placed quote at the entry to your wedding ceremony can set just the right mood for the day, in the way a thousand roses could not.

The main point of the wedding is that it needs to be a true reflection of you. The finer details must be styled and designed to perfectly mirror your tastes and personality, which often means stripping back all those fancy ideas you’ve seen at your friends’ weddings, or all the extra little things those in-laws are trying to shoehorn into your special day. Extract the quality from the fluff. Everything else is just noise.

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