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New LouPaper Website

New website showcases latest range of modern wedding stationery and calligraphy


I am delighted to launch my brand new LouPaper website. The new site makes it easier to navigate and check out the latest wedding stationery suites, making it easier for you to decide which would best suit your big day!

If you're looking for wedding invitations or save-the-dates to grab the attention of your guests and give a fab first-impression, check out the 'Before the Day' section of the website or the 'Portfolio' to find out more.

New LouPaper website 2018 wedding invitations calligraphy
LouPaper has a brand new website

Visit the 'On-the-day' section to better understand which wedding stationery you might need to bring your wedding day to life. Things can often get a little hectic and stressful in the lead-up to the big day, so it's worth getting a good idea of what you might need well in advance. Things like the order of service, order of the day and bespoke wedding signage can really bring the ceremony to life and play a big role in welcoming your guests. And for the breakfast, don't forget those personalised place cards, table names and numbers, menus and that all-important table plan so your guests can easily locate their seat!

If you'd like some inspiration, check out the latest wedding collections in the 'Portfolio' section. Here, a selection of differing styles of stationery have been included to show the range of design options and calligraphy. Remember - any theme or colour can be incorporated into your design. If you have your own ideas, get in touch and share them!

The new website also features a price list for guidance on cost per item. Remember - you don't need an invitation for every guest if you're sending to couples and families! Get in touch via the contact page for more information and or if you'd like a more accurate quote.

I'll also be keeping this blog updated regularly with recent news, events and insights. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily stationery scrumminess!

If you have any suggestions regarding the website, I'd be delighted to hear them - please do get in touch.

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