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One of the highlights on the wedding day has to be the food! Your guests will be looking forward to the wedding breakfast and the tables are such a focal point of the day for the photos so styling them is essential!

Leading with the colour palette of your wedding there are lots of ways to add colour to your tables. While coloured linen, crockery and glassware are beautiful, they aren’t so great on the budget! However, wedding stationery is a cost-effective way to bring colour to your place settings with place names, table names or numbers and menus.

I’ve compiled 5 ideas of ways to style a wedding breakfast table with the help of wedding stationery.

1. Leading with the wedding colour palette

For wedding days with a strong colour palette the wedding breakfast tables are easy to style. For Kat and Ollie’s wedding all the blue hue tones from the stationery worked together accompanied with the blue tinted glasses and blue napkins. I designed a table name, menu and guest names personalised with calligraphy using a range of deep ocean blue, dusty and pastel blue tones.

A wedding table styled with blue glasses, blue napkins, a blue table number, blue menu and place names personalised with calligraphy all on white linen

Kit Myers

2.  Seasonal Weddings

Seasonal weddings bring a gorgeous opportunity to make the most of whatever is in season from the wedding flowers, the food served and the styling. Jenna and Will’s stunning festive winter wedding featured wedding breakfast tables adorned with fresh foliage, white flowers and berries as a touch to the winter season. I designed the elegant monochrome wedding menu which was nestled amongst the foliage, accompanied with crisp white linen, black taper candles and golden tea light candles. You could focus on one seasonal item or a whole range of items to suit your seasonal wedding style.

A wedding breakfast table with black text and calligraphy on white card, fresh foliage, white flowers and berries and gold tealights

Pat Partridge

3. Curved Stationery

To create a modern, contemporary style on your wedding tables consider curved stationery. Even better when designed in the wedding colour palette for a beautiful cohesive style, as shown in this stunning romantic pink and red tablescape from a styled shoot.

A curved table number in pale pink beautifully styled with pink and red flowers, crystal glassed, glass vases, gold cutlery and gold candle holders

Chloe Caldwell

4. Work With Different Textures

Bringing in different textures creates a gorgeous tablescape too. A boho wedding style is a fab example of this where rattan, linen, florals and the stationery all work together. For Aimee and Joel’s autumnal boho wedding style I provided pretty place names and menus from the Olivia wedding stationery collection. The warm beige and dusky pink are a perfect colour combination, with hand lettered gold calligraphy guest names for a luxe finishing touch.

A boho wedding table set up with rattan place names, linen and flowers. Accompanied with warm beige and dusky pink place name and menu, personalised with gold calligraphy.

Mindy Coe

5. Minimalist Style

For a more minimalist look on the wedding breakfast table you can choose to combine a place name and menu together, to create a pop of colour but not take up much space at the table setting. Alison and Keith’s autumnal wedding day had a burgundy and gold colour palette and I designed their place name with the burgundy background at the top of the menu, personalised each guest name with gold calligraphy and finished with a bespoke gold wax seal which was personalised with a monogram of the couple’s initials. So you can still choose beautiful finishing touches even if you want a minimalist style!

A wedding menu with a burgundy background, personalised with gold calligraphy for the place name and features a bespoke gold wax seal personalised with a monogram of the couple’s initials.

Jo Greenfield

Personalised Wedding Invitation Stationery

So there’s 5 different ways you can think about styling your wedding breakfast table, using stationery to bring in some colour or work with your wedding theme.

At LouPaper I design wedding stationery, often personalised with a touch of calligraphy. I have a curated collection of wedding stationery designs on my website, which include a save the date, wedding invitation, through to all the on the day stationery and signage such as table plans, menus and table names. All of the collections can be customised to suit the colour and style of your wedding day.

As well as my website, there’s lots of inspiration on my Instagram account or Pinterest account for wedding stationery. If you have any questions or would like to go ahead with ordering wedding stationery, then please contact me here. I’d love to bring your dream wedding stationery to life!

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