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Informing your guests on your big day need not be boring with personalised wedding signage.

Whether displaying your seating plan or welcoming your guests, your wedding signage is the perfect opportunity to create a real wow factor on your big day. Created from a whole host of materials including fabric, Perspex and wood, your signage will blend seamlessly in with the styling on your big day.

Welcome Signs Usually the first thing your guests will see on the big day is a welcome sign, so throw open your arms and create a statement in order to get your guests excited for the day ahead. Think about how these will be displayed and styled, easels are great for placing at the venue entrance and how about getting your florist to add an arrangement to the sign too!

Order of Events It’s no secret that most guests want to know what time the drinks and food will be had at the wedding, so a perfect way to display key times for the day is on an order of events. You don’t need to give everything away if you’ve got some surprises planned, but it’s great to highlight the key events and when they’ll be happening.

Table Plans The table plan is probably the most important sign on your wedding day, it’ll direct your guests to their table at the wedding breakfast and you’ll find a huddle around it when your guests enter the reception. It’s another perfect opportunity to add some extra wow factor to the day, think hanging cards, escort card displays, fabric banners or clear Perspex, there really is a style to fit with everyone’s theme.

Extra Info Small signs can be used throughout the day to inform guests of things not to miss. From reserved seating and the wedding hashtag, to the card and gift table or guestbook. After all your hard work planning the wedding, you don’t want things to be forgotten, so pop a sign to highlight their location.

Now you know what’s possible, it’s time to think about the signage for your big day.

Discover more wedding signage here!

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