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What Size Should Wedding Signage Be?

When you’re planning wedding signage there are a few things to consider, to get the sizes right for your big day. The first thing to think about is your wedding venue and where the wedding signage will be placed. If your venue has a wedding planner or wedding events co-ordinator then ask for their advice. During a tour of the venue have a look at where the signage could be placed and ask if there are any stands or easels provided that you can use. Ask for their recommendations and request examples of previous weddings so you can get a feel for how yours could look. Their Instagram account might show some good examples of signage placement too. If you are having a marquee wedding speak to the supplier about their recommendations too.

A wedding welcome sign with black calligraphy on a blush pink angled card, accessorised with flowers

Mindy Coe

The next thing to consider is the overall size of the space you are working with. If you’re having a small intimate wedding you can go for smaller signage but if you have lots of room and lots of guests I recommend going for larger signage. Otherwise small signs in large spaces just get lost.

I design the on the day stationery to be consistent with the save the dates and wedding invitations. So everything has a cohesive styled look on the wedding day. If you have a strong colour palette then every piece of stationery is a chance to make the colour pop! If you’re looking for inspiration have a browse of the wedding stationery collections.

Wedding welcome sign

The wedding welcome sign sets the tone for the day and welcomes your guests in style. I usually recommend A1 size because the welcome sign provides a gorgeous styling opportunity and photo moment, accessorised with the wedding florals. Some of my wedding couples chose to have their welcome sign combined with an order of the day. Again it comes down to the space you have available.

A wedding welcome and order of the day sign with white calligraphy and icons on a burgundy background

If you have the order of the day as a separate sign I recommend keeping it as a consistent size to the welcome sign. I love how frosted perspex looks for a sign background.

A wedding order of the day sign with white text and calligraphy on frosted perspex and accessorised with wedding flowers

Kirsty Mackenzie

Welcome signs and order of the day signs can be displayed in many different ways. Some wedding venues have easels you can borrow.

Wedding welcome sign with gold calligraphy and a wedding venue illustration, displayed on an easel and accessorised with wedding flowers

Matthew Lawerence

Or if you’re having an outdoor or destination wedding then welcome and order of the signs look great printed on fabric and hung from something! They also travel well!

A wedding order of the day sign with calligraphy and text printed on to fabric and attached to a wall

Table Plan Sign

An essential part of the wedding signage is the table plan. This sign needs to be big enough for all guests to be able to read the details of where they are sitting, including your older guests who may find small fonts hard to read. The table sign also needs to be easily accessible by all of your guests.

I usually recommend A1 for 75-100 guests, A2 can be used for smaller weddings and larger guest lists I'd recommend a large A0 plan, or sometimes printing 2 of the A1 size.

A wedding table plan with white calligraphy on a blue background, hung on a white frame and styled with flowers

Jacques Lloyd

A wedding table plan with calligraphy and text on a pale pink background, styled with stunning wedding florals and candles

Chloe Caldwell

Table Numbers/Names

Displayed on each of the wedding tables, the table number or name signs are an opportunity to showcase your wedding colour palette and style. A5 is generally a good size so the table name or number can be found easily by guests.

A wedding table number in pale pink with curved edges, on a wedding table styled with red and pink candles, florals and pink velvet bows

Chloe Caldwell

A wedding table name in calligraphy with an illustration of a river, displayed in a frame

Romy Lawerence

Bespoke Signs

I love designing bespoke signs for the wedding day and the signs can be created for anything you would like to draw your guests’ attention too. Some popular bespoke signs are the bride and groom’s signature drink or cocktail choice. Other popular bespoke signs for couples are the guestbook, the flavours of the cake and a sign for cards and gifts. I recommend having these signs in A5 or A4 so they stand out.

A small ‘let’s eat cake’ sign designed with grey calligraphy and text on a pale pink background, placed next to the iced wedding cake.
Small wedding sign designed with silver calligraphy and cocktail illustrations.

Nicola Drummond

Some couples chose to have larger bespoke signs too, perhaps for a beautiful quote or something meaningful to them! There really is no limit to what you chose for your wedding day!

Large wedding sign with a poem and the couple’s names in calligraphy. Styled with flowers.

Safrina Smith

Personalised Wedding Signage

Have a browse through my website for more wedding day signage ideas. There’s lots of inspiration on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts too!

Please get in touch with me here to discuss your wedding signage and stationery requirements for your wedding day. I advise allowing around 8-10 weeks before your wedding day to allow enough time to have everything ready. I’m excited to hear from you!

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