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Well hello 2024! A fresh new year with lots of exciting weddings to come! What better way to start the year than to look at some of the predicted wedding trends for 2024. Just to caveat to all the wedding planning couples…. trends of course come and go. Your big day is for you to express yourselves as a couple and do things your way! So you may be inspired by all of the trends or choose to ignore them all and do your own thing entirely!

Kicking off the 2024 trends is the Pantone colour of the year which is ‘peach fuzz’. According to Pantone it is “a velvety gentle peach tone radiant with warm and modern elegance”. Sounds perfect for a wedding! Speaking of colours, expect to see a lot more use of bold colours in weddings throughout 2024. The bolder the better! Stationery is a great way to use pops of colour in your wedding décor, particularly on wedding menus, place names and signage on the day.

A place name personalised with gold calligraphy on brown card, layered on an orange wedding menu personalised with white calligraphy

Lex Fleming

Another upcoming trend is the use of tonal design palettes where an array of a specific colour such as blues or pinks are used for layering and depth of design. This is very much an approach I already take with my wedding stationery collections. For example, the Olivia wedding stationery collection features hand drawn calligraphy on different tones of pinks.  

Wedding stationery collection personalised with calligraphy on a range of pink coloured card

Holly Booth Studio

Or the Emilie wedding stationery collection which combines calligraphy, elegant design and some different tones of grey card. All of the designs can be customised to suit the colours of your wedding day.

Wedding stationery collection on a range of grey card, personalised with calligraphy

Holly Booth Studio

Another trend for 2024 weddings is the rise of the non-wedding or taking a more unconventional approach. If it suits you as a couple to forget the traditions, then this one is for you! Perhaps an alternative venue with a celebrant for a unique and memorable exchanging of vows. Or for the food on the day, a family recipe or sharing style platters that are meaningful to the couple. Sharing food can still be displayed in a stylish way and is great to get your guests chatting!

A rustic style wedding breakfast table set up with sharing plates of food

The Light Painters

According to Pinterest trends report for 2024, 70’s themed weddings are on the rise with surges on searches for a ‘groovy wedding’. Or perhaps you opt for a ceremony with an intimate guestlist followed by a party the following day to celebrate with everyone. In 2024 it really is whatever works for you as a couple!

A pink guest place name with wavy edges and 70’s inspired font, placed on a white plate set up with gold cutlery

Pat Patridge

When it comes to wedding photography in 2024, capturing the special moments is in and posing for an endless line up of family photos is out! Documentary style photography is on the rise, as is the popularity of a wedding content creator! If it’s your kind of vibe, you can hire someone who captures lots of pictures and videos of your big day to then share with you the following day, ready to upload to social media, instead of waiting a few weeks for the traditional photos to come through. I love working with wedding photographers who capture all the special details of the day, where the bride and groom don’t realise the photographer is there!

A bride and groom standing holding the leads of their two dogs who are wearing matching silk green bow ties

Chloe Caldwell

For wedding décor big floral installations are having a moment and taking centre stage. Many of the wedding venues I work with offer large floral numbers in collaboration with recommended florists and they have such a stunning impact.

A table plan with white calligraphy and text on a navy blue background, fixed to a white wooden frame styled with a large green and white floral and foliage display

Jacques Lloyd

Along with big florals another predicted trend is bespoke signage, something I am fully on board with! Personalised signage on your big day is a gorgeous way to bring some pops of colour in and to draw your guests’ attention to any special details. We can work together to bring to life signage for anything you wish, personalised with my hand drawn calligraphy. Bespoke signs for cake flavours or for custom cocktails selected by the bride and groom are always popular.

A bespoke small sign personalised with calligraphy to let wedding guests know the flavours of the cake

Alice Cunliffe

Finally, to wrap up the 2024 predicted trends instead of cutting the traditional wedding cake and serving it later on, consider a more playful take on dessert which doesn’t lure your guests away from the dancefloor. The wedding industry is seeing lots of different dessert ideas so let your imagination run wild! Perhaps offer guests some takeaway cake at the end of the night or have a self-serve dessert station.  The choice is yours!

Wedding Stationery

Are you feeling inspired by any of these 2024 trends? Or perhaps you have something else in mind? Every couple is different and I love designing stationery which reflects your unique personalities and interests. My website and Instagram account are full of ideas for wedding stationery and a great starting point. I have a curated collection of designs which can all be customised to the colour palette of your choice.

If you would like to go ahead and order some wedding stationery then please get in touch here and I’ll provide a bespoke quote.

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