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Feeling overwhelmed on where to start with putting together your wedding table plan? I’ve got you covered with some tips on how to start and lots of creative inspiration too!

Where to begin with a wedding table plan

Firstly, ask your wedding venue for advice on the table layout they suggest and the maximum amount of guests to sit at each table. It’s so helpful to view some previous weddings and how they have laid out the space. You may be restricted to banquet style tables for example, so it’s essential to know what you are working with upfront.

Wedding breakfast set up in a rustic barn with banquet tables and lots of fairy lights and flowers

Adrianna Wedding Photography

Next move on to the top table! You could choose a sweetheart table for two of you, or a bigger top table with some family dynamics to consider! This part could take a while and may require some compromising… perhaps with a glass of wine in hand!

For the next stage I recommend using post it notes for all the guests’ names and a large piece of paper. Start playing around with where people could sit and move them until you’re happy with the seating positions. Consider children who will be seated in highchairs as they take up space too. It’s a good idea to place close family and loved ones on the tables closest to your top table so they have front row seats!

It’s completely up to you on who you sit with who but I would advise everyone knows at least one person on the table they are sat on. You might want to seat groups of friends together or split into smaller groups to encourage different groups of people to chat.

The fun part!

Once you’ve decided who is sitting where, we can move onto the design of the table plan itself. I design every table plan to be consistent with the rest of the stationery items you have. For couples with a bold colour within their colour palette, the table plan is a fab way to bring a pop of colour to your wedding day.

A wedding table plan designed with gold vinyl calligraphy and white text on perspex, hand painted in green on the reverse

I always try to mirror your table layout on your table plan because it helps guests find their spot easily. For Natalie and Will’s stylish barn wedding their set up was banquet style seating so I used columns and added the names each side. This one was printed on clear perspex with gold vinyl calligraphy headers and a hand painted back in pale pink. I adore the styling with incredible flowers and romantic candlelight.

A wedding table printed on clear perspex with gold vinyl calligraphy headers and the back hand painted in pale pink. Placed on a rustic wooden easel and styled with beautiful flowers and candles.

Chloe Caldwell

Generally couples opt for larger signage as every guest will need to easily find where they are sitting but you can be as creative as you like! Instead of one large sign you could chose to have table plan cards in your wedding colour palette. For this one the table plan cards were designed with a touch of calligraphy, fixed to a sheet of frosted perspex and styled with foliage.

A wedding table plan designed with cards in neutral colours for each table, personalised with calligraphy. The cards are fixed to a sheet of frosted perspex and styled with foliage.

Natalie J Weddings

A large table plan creates a statement by being accessorised with a floral border. The table plan for this wedding was perspex printed with white ink and I hand painted the reverse in black to fit the monochrome styling.

A wedding table plan printed on perspex and hand painted in black for the reverse. Personalised with white calligraphy and text and styled with a border of large white flowers and foliage.

Divine Day Photography

I jump at the chance to be able to add some shine! I created this table plan with a soft blush watercolour and added a gold mirror vinyl to each of the headers.

A wedding table plan with a pale pink hand painted background and calligraphy gold vinyl headings.

Matt Wing Photography

I can create table plans on different textures and surfaces too. A fabric table plan is perfect for summer weddings where it can be hung outside for some movement.

A wedding table plan printed on fabric and hung onto a rose gold frame.

Harry Michael Photography

Consider how you’ll display the table plan on the day. Perhaps your venue has an easel or a frame you can use. Alternatively, a small clothes rail will work! I can add holes into the top corners so the sign can easily be displayed just like this monochrome number.

A black and white wedding table plan with touches of white calligraphy, hung on a black frame

Annie Bradney

Think outside the box for how to display your table plan depending on what is available at your venue. This table plan was designed on frosted perspex to blend in with the venue’s rustic surroundings, hung from two wooden ladders.  

A wedding table plan designed on frosted perspex hung on two wooden ladders in a rustic barn setting.

Tom H Photo

If you want to create more of a display or have a theme I can bring it to life! For this wedding each table name was named after a country the couple had travelled to, with a map backdrop and pretty florals and candles.

A wedding table plan display with table cards in burnt orange with white text and calligraphy in acrylic stands. Styled with a map backdrop, flowers and candles.

Jasmine Andrews

Luxury Wedding Stationery

I hope these tips help get you started with planning your wedding table plan. I would love to help create your dream wedding stationery and signage. A great starting point is the curated collection of stationery designs on my website. Each collection includes everything from save the dates through to the on the day items.

There’s lots of inspiration for wedding stationery and signage items on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts too.

Please get in touch with me here with any questions or if you would like to go ahead with an order. I’m excited to hear from you!

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