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One of the most common mistakes my clients make, is thinking that each guest needs a wedding invitation or save the date each. Remember that most of your guests will be part of a couple of family attending the wedding, so they don’t need an invite each.

As a rule, you’ll typically need around 60% of your total guestlist, so if you’ve got 100 guests, you’ll need about 60 invites or save the dates. It’s always important to calculate your numbers before attaining any quotes, so you’re able to get an accurate cost ready to add to your budgeting spreadsheet! Also it's always helpful to split your numbers into day and evening guests. Typically your day invitations will include a few more items than your evening guests, so they'll likely be different costs.

I always advise to order a few spares, for any last-minute additions and keepsakes. Sadly reprints of small qualities are rather costly, due to the printing time required, so save yourself the effort and pounds, and pop a few extras on to your first order.

I always recommend giving your photographer a set of your stationery for them to capture on the wedding day. Detail shots on the day are often overlooked but can capture a part of the wedding that will evoke so many memories in years to come. So, get your photographer to grab your invite, your bouquet and your engagement ring, and take some snaps on the wedding morning, trust me you won’t regret it! Here’s some inspiration of what they could create for you.

So now you’ve calculated your numbers, pop me an enquiry email to and I can get you a quote together!

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