Nib Starter Tester Set

A set of 3 popular modern calligraphy nibs, perfect for absolute beginners. It's great to test out a few nibs to work out what suits your style and this set is the perfect way to try! Packaged in a nib tin to keep your nibs safe.
What's included;

1 x Brause 361 Nib (Blue Pumpkin) - known for creating thick strokes

1 x Zebra G Nib -  similar to the Nikko G nib but slightly more flexible

1 x Gillott 404 Nib - perfect for producing fine hairline strokes

Tin size: 51 x 26 x 9mm


The nibs will have a rust repellant coating on them which needs removing before use. Please soak the nibs in hot water and use a toothbrush to rub off the coating.


Nib Starter Tester Set